2010 Taratra Women's Health Workshop

Sadabe and Taratra Reny sy Zaza proudly hosted a Women's Health Workshop at Mahatsinjo, Tsinjoarivo from September 6-9, 2010. The team included three health practitioners from Montreal: a family doctor (Dr. Deborah Golberg), a midwife (Sarah Hunter) and a doula (Lesley Everest). We accomplished our major goals, which were to: (1) learn about current levels of health, major threats, and local practices currently impacting the health of women and children in rural households at Tsinjoarivo, (2) bring crucial training to the local midwives in our association, educate our members on important issues promoting women’s health (breastfeeding, prenatal care, nutrition, etc.), and (3) start a direct dialog about the needs of women at Tsinjoarivo, and provide training and equipment that will help ensure safer births and healthier women. If our health programs are successful we are hopeful that our community will have lower incidence of maternal and infant mortality, better general health (through better nutrition and preventative medicine), and family sizes that more closely match when and how many children our members seek to have.


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Compost Montreal, Les Chocolats Briimstone Emeline & Annabelle, Ma Petite Station, Orchard House, Co-op La Maison Verte, Melons et Clementines, Itsi Bitsi, Soupe Café‎, Applecheeks Reusable Diapers, EarthMamaAngelBaby, Secureops, Chirofamilal, Camp K.I.D.S., Claudia Accessories, Social GreenCafe, Griffintown, Natacha Silber Photography, Bummis, Savon Populaire, plus several individual donors; thank you!

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Additional Donations of Supplies:

NHK Laboratories

Medical Exchange International

Center for Biological Diversity

Vitamin Angels

Rebecca Bessette

Conservation International

Photo Gallery:

Taratra Four local traditional midwives (known as "Reninjaza") meeting with the SADABE teams. In general, we found them open to institutionalized hospital care, but given the long distance from the nearest hospital (4 hours walking time) they have for years assisted home births when necessary.
One of the first instruction and discussion sessions focused on the links between human health and environmental health. This session was led by Jean-Luc Raharison and Mitch Irwin of SADABE and Josette Rahantamalala of Conservation International. We also distributed "Lemurs of Madagascar" pamphlets kindly donated by Conservation International and Fanamby. Taratra
Taratra TaratraLeft: Lesley Everest and Deborah Golberg demonstrating postnatal care; Above: Karen Samonds and Sarah Hunter sort supplies for teaching and donation.
TaratraMany of the sessions were so popular, they were standing room only. TaratraSpecial session on birth control for village men.
Taratra TaratraAs part of learning about current health outcomes we weighed and measured a large sample of infants and children, to understand how they stand relative to national and international norms.
TaratraGroup photo of participants on the final day of the village-level training and discussions.
TaratraGroup photo of the core group of local "Reninjaza" and their families. TaratraRefreshments after three days hard work!
TaratraAbove: Taratra's International Co-ordinator Karen Samonds with friends; Right: Local woman Nirina with daughter Ravaka. Taratra
Taratra Left: Distribution of childrens' vitamins, donated by NHK Laboratories. Taratra
Right: On the final day of sessions we engaged in participative learning sessions devoted to childbirth and prenatal and postnatal care. Birth demonstrations used knitted models donated by Rebecca Bessette.
Taratra TaratraMore postnatal care training and discussion, including the demonstration on the use of a fetoscope for listening to fetal heartbeat (donated to the Reninjaza following the workshop).
TaratraAbove: Canadian Health Team Dr. Deborah Golberg, Lesley Everest and Sarah Hunter with the three principal "Reninjaza" after the training and discussion sessions and donation of equipment (in red backpacks); Right: healthy baby! Taratra
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