Conservation Activities

In July 2005, we established the Mahatsinjo Reforestation Initiative, funded by Conservation International. In collaboration with the Water and Forests office in Ambatolampy and with the agreement of the local people, we delimited 12 areas for reforestation. We engaged local people at a series of meetings in order to integrate our reforestation efforts with local needs, and gain the support of the local people. Areas chosen for reforestation included strategic connections between isolated forest fragments (including one whose Sadabe population went extinct in 2005), and were chosen so as to reduce the impact on local agricultural production.

During 2005-2006 project staff produced more than 10,000 seedlings, and during 2006-2007 we employed local villagers to plant 7 corridor locations and install signs demarcating the corridor areas ("Fanohizan'ala"). The total number of trees planted was more than 55,000, and the project has provided full-time employment for one Mahatsinjo resident, and part-time employment for more than 40. In future years we aim to employ local villagers to maintain the corridor areas, reforest the remaining 5 corridors, and expand the program to new areas.


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