Lab members




Past and Present Collaborators

Dr. Jason Ali, Dept. of Earth Sciences, University of Hong Kong – Dr. Ali is a geologist/geophysicist interested in the India-Asia collision system, Permian break-up of Gondwana, and Mesozoic-Ceonzoic biogeography.

Dr. Laurie Godfrey, Dept. of Anthropology, University of Massachusetts – Dr. Godfrey is a world expert in lemur anatomy, paleontology and life history, and works on a broad range of projects at the University of Massachusetts morphometrics lab.

Dr. Steven Goodman, Field Museum of Natural History & Association Vahatra – Dr. Goodman has done extensive research and fieldwork in Madagascar, including topics such as wild animals as reservoirs for different zoonoses, impacts of climate change on montane faunas, and detailed phylogeographic and phylogenetic studies of birds and small mammals of the island.

Dr. Mike Gottfried, Department of Geological Sciences, Michigan State Univesity – Dr. Gottfried's research focuses on marine fish evolution in high-latitude southern hemisphere settings, the paleobiology of the giant fossil 'megatoothed' sharks, and the evolution and biogeographical relationships of vertebrate faunas from the ancient southern supercontinent of Gondwana.

Dr. Mitchell Irwin, Department of Anthropology, Northern Illinois University – Dr. Irwin’s research examines the effects of forest fragmentation on the viability of primate populations.  As a Ph.D. student he founded a research site at Tsinjoarivo, where he and Jean-Luc Raharison continue to study the diademed sifaka (Propithecus diadema).  He and Jean-Luc co-founded the Tsinjoarivo Forest Fragments Project (TFFP) and are currently developing a reforestation initiative.

Dr. William Jungers, Dept. of Anatomical Sciences, Stony Brook University – Dr. Jungers' research is concerned with functional, mechanical and ontogenetic aspects of musculoskeletal design in living and fossil primates, ranging from subfossil lemurs to early hominids.

Dr. David Krause, Denver Museum of Nature and Science – Dr. Krause's research is the evolutionary history and paleobiology of Mesozoic and Early Cenozoic vertebrates, particularly mammals. He is the founder and director of the Madagascar Ankizy Fund.

Jean-Luc RaharisonJean-Luc earned his DEA from the Animal Biology Department at the University of Antananarivo.  In 2003 he completed a study of Propithecus diadema positional behavior.  He is currently the Executive Director of SADABE and has participated in paleontology research since 2005.

Dr. Miguel Vences, Division of Evolutionary Biology, Zoological Institute, Technical University of Braunschweig, Germany – Dr. Vences' research focuses on adaptive radiation and patterns of diversity of amphibians and reptiles of Madagascar.

Dr. Iyad Zalmout, King Saud University, Saudi Arabia – Dr. Zalmout's research is concerned with the Eocene Tethyan marine mammals from Africa, Arabian Peninsula and Southwest Asia. His dissertation dealt with Eocene Sirenians from the Fayum Basin in Egypt.