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NIU PhD student Josh Mathews uses the new fossil preparation facilities at the University of Antananarivo Department of Paleontology and Biological Anthropology
University of Antananarivo PhD student Harimalala Tsiory Andrianavalona examining fossil crocodylian vertebrae recovered fron the island of Nosy Makamby

Subfossil hippopotamus jaw from the Sambaina Basin, Madagascar

Collecting subfossil bones from a freshly dug pit in the Sambaina Basin, Madagascar
Masters (DEA) student Maherizo Sandiarisata collecting subfossil bones in the Sambaina Basin. The material recovered from our 2014 expedition will be the focus of her masters thesis, and includes more than 100 specimens of hippos, elephant birds, crocodylians and turtles
Harimalala Tsiory Andrianavalona teaching local school children about the amazing animals that once lived in their local region (e.g., giant elephant birds), that are now extinct
Dr. Samonds with her four PhD students: (left to right) Harimalala Tsiory Andrianavalona (UA), Katie Heffernan (NIU), Dr. Samonds, Josh Mathews (NIU), Tolotra Niaina Ramihangihajason (UA) Dr. Samonds recovering subfossil bones from our new site in the Sambaina Basin, discovered in 2014

Boat trip to Nosy Makamby

Left: The central red beds of Nosy Makamby


Right: PhD student Josh Mathews prospecting for fossils

Right: Harimalala Tsiory Andrianavalona collecting shark teeth from the Eocene site of Ampazony; sharks are the central focus of her PhD research

Bottom left: Sunset at Makamby

Bottom right: Paleontology collection team participating in the ancestors ceremony, Nosy Makamby: (left to right) Jean Luc Raharison, Mitchell Irwin, Karen Samonds, Armand Rasoamiaramanana, Charlin Boutou, Tolotra Niaina Ramihangihajason, Harimalala Tsiory Andrianavalona, Josh Mathews