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Zizy Rakotomalala, early morning at camp (Ampazony)

Ampazony was our first camp, and a site that we have worked at since 2001. This locality produced the first sirenian skull (relative of manatees) from Madagascar in 2003.

Karen with local kids near the fieldcamp (Ampazony)

Waiting for the ferry to Katsepy (Iyad Zalmout, Lydia Raharivony, Zizy Rakotomalala).

Katsepy was our second camp, and required a trip by ferry across the Betsiboka. This required lots of patient waiting, as there wasn't any regular "schedule."

Somehow we got the car onto the ferry.  Zizy enjoyed the view

Stopping for lunch on the long dusty road to Mitsinjo (Mitchell Irwin, Iyad, Claude, Lydia, and Jean-Luc Raharison).

Zizy and Mitch enjoy breakfast in Katsepy

Mofo randrana, gâteau, and doughnuts

Mitch Irwin collecting fossils on the beach near Katsepy

Prospecting for fossils on the beach near Katsepy

On the shores of Katsepy (Lava, Jean-Luc, Mitch, Iyad, Lydia)

Karen at Katsepy

Jean-Luc on the banks of Katsepy

Papayas near our camp

Our last major camp was the island of Nosy Mahakamby, approximately 4 kilometers out into the open ocean, NW of Katsepy. This island is only about 1 1/2 km long and 1/2 a km wide, and has very few inhabitants.

Loading the boat in rough water for Nosy Mahakamby

  The island of Nosy Mahakamby

Ancestors ceremony, Nosy Mahakamby (Mitch, Iyad, Charlin, Karen)

Zizy helping in the kitchen, Nosy Mahakamby

Back at camp with the whole team

Paleontology was a challenge, as we found our best fossils right by the shore, and the tide was coming in!

Karen and Jean-Luc

Sunset at Nosy Mahakamby

Back in Katsepy: Mitch, Karen, Jean-Luc, Lava, Claude,Charlin, Zizy, and Lydia