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Mahajanga Launching the 2011 expedition: shopping for supplies in Mahajanga markets
First camp at Ampazony, the site that produced the new seacow species Eotheroides lambondrano in 2003. Ampazony
Zizy Tsiory
Zizy at work in the kitchen Tsiory Andrianavalona prospecting in the long grass
Aina Niaina Ramihangihajason searching for small fossils on the slopes below the fossil-bearing sediments.
Following collection at Ampazony, we crossed the Betsiboka river to Katsepy, for brief prospection and paperwork. Katsepy
Katsepy cliffs Niaina prospecting on top of continental Pliocene sandstone cliffs.
From Katsepy we chartered this boat (the Pagnol) to travel to Nosy Mahakamby, a journey of about 4 hours. Sailboat
Fishing boat Along the way we passed this local fishing boat in front of the Pliocene sandstone cliffs. Much of the local and regional trade around Mahajanga occurs in small, hand-made sailboats like this one.
Nosy Mahakamby as seen when approaching from the east. Nosy Mahakamby
Fomba 2011 Before beginning prospection and collection, we performed a Sakalava "fomba" ceremony to communicate with the spirits of the local ancestors: Dr. Armand Rasoamiaramanana, Roger (local guide), Charlin Botou, Niaina Ramihangihajason, Tsiory Andrianavalona, Mitch Irwin
Collection 1 Collection 2 Prospecting at a nearly-vertical weathered cliff at Nosy Mahakamby.
Great collaborators from the University of Antananarivo, Department of Paleontology and Biological Anthropology: Niaina Ramihangihajason, Tsiory Andrianavalona, Sitraka Razafisambatra Andrianarivo, and Dr. Armand Rasoamiaramanana (DPAB Professor and head of the Paleontology lab). UA team