Starting in 2009, SADABE started to collaborate with Chimp-n-Sea in hosting vEcotours from Tsinjoarivo.

vEcotourism (virtual ecotourism) is an interactive journey of discovery of wildlife, habitats, human culture and conservation projects. Its two main goals are: (i) education/outreach and (ii) alternative income generation for local communities. vEcotours are presented in real-time by live tour-guides who explore unique and threatened landscapes. vEcotourists, logged into the tour over the internet, hear the guides' commentary and experience photos and video clips, while having the opportunity to ask questions, and influence the direction of the tour. The tourists also enjoy knowing that they have fewer negative impacts on the environment relative to most traditional ecotours (high carbon footprint, wildlife disturbance, potential for disease introduction, and development of roads and other infrastructure).

Our vEcotours take place in the Andoakoho region of Mahatsinjo village, close to the home ranges of our Sadabe groups 5 and 6. Here we experience the unique Mahatsinjo landscape and its mix of human habitation and rainforest. Jean-Luc Raharison and local field assistants host the tour on the ground, and are your window to the region's memorable landscape, wildlife and culture.

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