Executive Staff

    Jean-Luc Raharison    
    Executive Director    
    Jean-Luc earned his DEA (masters degree) at the University of Antananarivo, Dept. of Animal Biology. He completed his DEA in 2002, a study of the Gentle Bamboo Lemur at Ranomafana, and has participated in research at Ankarafantsika, Kalambatritra and Midongy-Sud. He has studied lemurs and engaged in conservation and development projects at Tsinjoarivo since 2000.    


Administrative Board

Haingoson   Ratsimbazafy   Rolland Razafindraibe
Professor Haingoson Andriamialison (President)   Dr. Jonah Ratsimbazafy   Professor Rolland Razafindraibe
Dr. Andriamialison is a Professor and head of the Department of Paleontology and Biological Anthropology at the University of Antananarivo. Previously he had been director of the Tsimbazaza Botanical and Zoological Park. His training lies primarily in nutritional anthropology.   Jonah Ratsimbazafy is a Malagasy primatologist and conservationist. He earned his PhD from Stony Brook University in 2002 for his study of Black and White Ruffed Lemurs at Manombo. Since returning to Madagascar, he served as theTraining and Conservation Co-ordinator for the Madagascar Program of Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust, and is currently the Secretary General of GERP and a Professor at the University of Antananarivo <website>.   Rolland Razafindraibe is a sociologist with more than 20 years experience in socioeconomics, land ownership dynamics, sustainable resource management and rural development. He is a professor within the departments of Agro-management and Water and Forests within ESSA (School of Agronomy) at the University of Antananarivo, and co-ordinates research activities at FOFIFA (National Centre of Applied Research for Rural Development) <website>
Samonds   Irwin    
Dr. Karen Samonds   Dr. Mitchell Irwin    
Karen studies fossil and living vertebrates of Madagascar. She completed her PhD in 2006, focusing on Malagasy bats, and has participated in activities at Tsinjoarivo since 2000, as well as serving as the International Co-ordinator of Taratra Reny sy Zaza. She is an assistant professor at Northern Illinois University, in the USA, where her research groups investigates the origin and evolution of the Malagasy fauna. <website>   Mitch has studied lemur ecology in Madagascar since 1999 and has worked at Tsinjoarivo since 2000. He completed his PhD at Stony Brook University in 2006, a study of the effects of forest fragmentation on the diademed sifaka ("Sadabe"), and is currently an associate professor at Northern Illinois University, in the USA, where his research group continues studies of lemurs at Tsinjoarivo. <website>    


Sadabe Field and Office Staff

Bruno Narcisse          
Bruno Ramorasata Andry Narcisse Rahajanirina          
Local co-ordinator for SADABE development activities, based in Tsinjoarivo-Ambalaomby Local co-ordinator for SADABE conservation activities, based in Tsinjoarivo-Ambalaomby