Education Volunteers

Laura Danielson   Sarah Robert   Lucy Matt
Laura Danielson   Sarah Rose Robert   Lucy Harper & Matthew McCartney
Laura was SADABE's first education volunteer. She joined us in 2008 and spend more than two months offering English language and environmental education to pre-school and school-aged childrens, as well as offering extensive English language instruction to local research assistants.   Sarah joined the SADABE team in 2010 and offered further classes for pre-school and school-aged children at Mahatsinjo. She also hosted two school visits involving more than 500 students from schools throughout the region. <learn more>   Matt and Lucy worked with SADABE for more than two months in 2011. They not only continued English language and environmental education instruction, but they also hosted art workshops and a "tree-planting" day at which hundreds of rainforest tree and orange tree seedlings were distributed. <learn more>